Your Guide to Tool and Die Shops, Products and Services
A to Z Supplier Lookup


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S & S Machinery Corp
S-T Industries, Inc.
SAIM Metal, S.L.
Salvagnini America, Inc
Sandvik Coromant Company
Saturn Industries Inc.
Schmidt Company, Hermann
Schmiede Corporation
Schmidt Feintechnik Corp.
Schmitt Industries Inc.
Schneeberger, Inc.
Schneeberger Corp., J.
Schutte MSA
Scientific Cutting Tools, Inc.
Scotchman Industries, Inc.
Scully-Jones Corporation
Selca Inc.
Seltzer & Co., George H.
Seneca Falls Tech. Group
Sensor Products, Inc.
Service Network, Inc.
Servo Dynamics Corporation
Servo Products Co.
Sescoi USA, Inc.
Severance Tool Ind. Inc.
SGS Tool Company
Sharnoa Corp.
Sharp Industries, Inc.
Sheffield Measurement

Shigiya (USA) Ltd.
Shop Floor Automations, Inc.
Shop Mate
Shoptech Software Corp.
ShopWerks®  SmartQuote®   pipPlus®
Showa Tool USA Inc.
SICK, Inc.
Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.
Sierra American
Sierra Machinery, Inc.
SigmaTEK Corporation

Simonds Industries, Inc.
Sirius Systems Corp.
Skimpy Oil Skimmers Tech Renovations, Inc.
Slater Tools Inc.
SMW Systems, Inc.
SMX Corporation
Snap Jaws Manufacturing Inc.
Sodick, Inc.
SofTech, Inc.
Solid Concepts Inc.
SolidWorks Corp.
Solutionware Corp.
Solveware Inc.
Somerwill Engineering, Inc.
Somex Inc.
Somma Tool Co., Inc.
Sony Manufacturing Systems
Sony Precision Technology America,
Sossner Steel Stamps
Sotech Corporation
South Bend Lathe Corp
Southeastern N/C Services
SouthWest CAD/CAM, Inc.
Southwestern Industries, Inc
Southwick & Meister, Inc.
Sowa Tool & Machine Co. Ltd.
Spartan Chemical Co., Inc.
Spartan Felt Company
SPC Innovations, Inc.
Spectrum CNC Technologies, Inc.
Speedgrip Chucks, Inc.
Spego Inc.
Spellman Mfg. Co., Inc., R.L.
Spindle & Machine Service, Inc.
Spinner Machine Tool Factory
Spintex Machinery Sales, Inc.
Stahli U.S.A.
Stama America
Stanley Sheppard Co., Inc.

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.

Star Cutter Company

Starn Technical Services
Starn Tool & Mfg. Company
Starrag-Heckert, Inc.
Starrett Company, The L. S.
Stat-Ease, Inc.
Steel Storage Systems, Inc.
Steinel Normalien
Stevens Engineering Inc.
Storch Magnetics
Strausak AG
Striker Systems
Studer AG
Suburban Machinery Software, Inc.
Suburban Tool
SU-matic Corporation
Sugino Corporation
Suhner Mfg., Inc.
Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Inc.
Summit Machine Tool Mfg Corp
Summit Steel Corporation
Suncoast Precision Tools Inc.
Sunnen Products Company
Sunspot EDM Tooling
Superior Cincinnati
Superior Grinders, Inc.
Superior Solutions Corp.
SuperSpin, Inc.
Supertec Machinery Inc.
Supfina Machine Coompany, Inc.
Surfware, Inc.
SY-CON Systems, Inc.
Symbiotic Systems Corp.
Sytec Corporation