Your Guide to Tool and Die Shops, Products and Services
A to Z Supplier Lookup


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Pacer Industries, Inc.
Pacer Lubricants Division
Pacific Controles Inc.
Packaging Systems, Inc.
Panasonic Factory Automation Co.
Parametric Technology Corp.
Parker Hannifin Corp.
Parlec Inc.
Parpas America Corp
PartMaker Software/IMCS Inc.
Pathtrace Systems, Inc.
Patlite Corporation
Peddinghaus Corporation
Peterson Tool Company
PGF Technology Group
PH Group, Inc.
Phase II Machine & Tools
Philadelphia Carbide Co.
Pibomulti S.A.
Pilgrim Cutting Tools
PlanetCAD Inc.
PMC Electronics, Inc.
Poco Graphite, Inc.
Pope Precision Spindle Technology
Positrol Workholding
PPG Industries, Inc.
Prab Conveyor
Pratt & Whitney Metrology
Precise Corp., The
Precision Ball & Gauge Co.
Precision Brand Products, Inc.
Precision Cutting Tools, Inc
Precision Gage & Toll Co.
Precision Industries, Inc.
Precision Twist Drill Co.